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Frequently Asked Questions 🤔

  • How can I place an order?
    As DM-PrintHouse, we differ from traditional print shops in that we handle all processes online via our website. By adapting the e-commerce experience you are used to to the printing processes, we allow you to get the printing service from the comfort of your home by adding the desired product to the shopping cart.
  • data transmission
    Almost every item has a "data upload" or "photo upload" button - here you can simply upload the desired print data directly in the ordering process. However, sometimes it happens that the data is simply too large, both for the upload (a maximum of 256MB is possible here) and for the e-mail dispatch. We offer a convenient upload via this link: WeTransfer
  • Do you offer a design service?
    For products other than the products for which we offer free design assistance, we print with our customers' ready-made designs in accordance with our company policy.
  • What information is required for free design assistance?
    As a DM-PrintHouse, we offer free design support for certain products. You will find the notice "Free Design Support" on some products sold on our website. For these products you will receive free design support from us. What about free design support? You must send us the logos and images you wish to use individually and in high resolution. Specify the color you want to use for the background. You must write any text to be used in the design in the "Designs" section. We ask that you clearly indicate the placement of the texts. If a previously created work is not in the formats of the graphics program (ai, psd and pdf), it cannot be submitted. Please note that you have a maximum of 2 change rights to the draft work done. A return for design assistance will be provided within 2 business days after ordering. Revisions by the customer can lengthen the design process and the production process of the job.
  • Produktionszeiten mit Overnight/Sameday-Abholung
    Generell produzieren wir alle Aufträge "on demand" - sobald der Auftrag mit den druckfertigen Daten im PDF-Format bei uns eingeht legen wir umgehend mit der Produktion los. Einfache Produktionen, z.B. Abschlussarbeiten als Soft- und Hardcover produzieren wir innerhalb kürzester Zeit. In der Regel ist es möglich, wenn uns morgens die Bestellung (bis ca. 10/11 Uhr) vorliegt, eine SameDay-Abholung für Sie zu organisieren (abhängig vom Auftragsvolumen und der Auftragslage natürlich). Daher zögert nicht uns auf die Machbarkeit anzusprechen - wir machen auch das Unmögliche meistens möglich.
  • What do I have to do to cancel and return my order?
    You can cancel your order without any compensation for products that are not approved for printing and do not go into production. You can send your cancellation requests during our business hours (weekdays 10:00 a.m./4:00 p.m.) +49 711 34 34 22 50 31 or here. After the cancellation process has been approved by our accounting team, you can view your refund on your credit card or bank account within an average of 4 business days. *In the case of installment purchases, the refund will be credited back to your card in installments. It is not possible to cancel the order and refund the payment once the order has been approved for printing (except for unprinted products) and has entered the production phase.
  • RGB and CMYK color
    Why doesn't the color match what I see on my computer screen? There is a difference in the way colors are produced on your screen and on a printed sheet of paper. What you see on your screen is additive color. It starts with a black screen and then adds red, green, and blue (RGB) pixels to create color. In contrast, ink is a subtractive process. A white sheet of paper reflects 100% of the background colors. Design software like Adobe Photoshop allows you to convert the color mode of your photos from RGB mode to CMYK mode to get a better idea of how your images will appear in print.
  • spot colors
    How can I make sure my brand colors are always the same? Process or CMYK colors are made from a combination of inks, but sometimes you want a specific color. Spot colors are an exact mixture of inks that produce colors defined by the Pantone Matching System (PMS). That's why spot colors are often referred to as Pantone colors or PMS colors. If you don't know the exact Pantone colors for your brand or logo, you can convert the colors of RGB images on your website. Due to the different appearance of the RGB color you see on a computer monitor and the CMYK color used in print, it is better to choose the right color from a Pantone swatch book.
  • image resolution
    Why do the photos in my brochure look blurry or jagged? The answer lies in the different ways images are created on a computer screen and on paper, and in the way your eyes see the images. On a screen you actually see pixels (points of light) that are constantly updating. On paper, your eyes need more dots to see a clear image. The dots are created with ink, not light. They are smaller and closer together than the pixels on your screen. Small images downloaded from the Internet do not print clearly. For best results, provide photos and halftone (i.e., dotted) images at 300 dpi resolution at the final print size.
  • Pruning and pruning
    How do I get the image to extend to the edge of the paper? Actually, the image needs to extend beyond the edge of the "finished" sheet of paper. This effect is called "bleed" and is created when the paper is trimmed to the final size after printing. If bleed is required, we print on a sheet of paper larger than the final size of the finished product and then cut in the printed area to create the finished product. Crop marks indicate where the press sheet needs to be cropped. When using layout software such as Adobe InDesign, you can easily specify crop marks and bleeds in graphics prepared for printing. If you use other software, you must work with a sheet size that is ¼" taller and wider than the final size of your document.
  • Digital file recommendations and specifications
    DM-Printhouse accepts a variety of digital file formats for printing. We will endeavor to work with you to ensure the quality of your project meets your expectations. The following recommendations will help ensure you get the best results.
  • file formats
    PDF - prepared for printing in CMYK mode with image resolutions of 300 DPI or higher and embedded fonts. Adobe InDesign - package for print providers or with all images and fonts. Photoshop or other image files - PSD file included with layers and fonts. Flattened Photoshop files or raster images (.jpg or .tif) from other image editing programs should be submitted at 300 DPI in CMYK color mode. We have limited ability to modify or correct flat image files. Adobe Illustrator - Vector files in AI, PDF or SVG format are recommended for large format reproductions. For best results, submit files at final size and with fonts converted to outlines. Embedded raster images should be submitted in CMYK color mode and at least 150 DPI in final size. Microsoft Publisher, Microsoft PowerPoint - Microsoft Publisher and PowerPoint files are not suitable for professional printing. For best results, convert final size Publisher files to PDF. Print House accepts Publisher and PowerPoint files in their original format. If possible, provide images and fonts as separate files. There is a prepress charge for converting files and making any changes required before printing. Microsoft Word - Microsoft Word files are not recommended. For best results, convert Word files to PDF before submitting.
  • Bleed and safe area
    Bleed - ⅛" on all sides Safety Area - Allow a minimum safety area (margin) of ⅛".
  • color mode and image resolution
    All images and files should be submitted in CMYK color mode. The recommended image resolution for offset and digital printing is 300 DPI in the final size. The recommended image resolution for large format printing is 150 DPI in the final size.
  • Fonts and Graphics
    Fonts and graphics should be embedded in .pdf files. If submitting native files, please include or package the fonts and images separately. For best results, convert fonts in vector images (.ai, .eps, .pdf) to outlines for large format printing.
  • pagination
    Multi-page documents (books, manuals, brochures) should be submitted in single page format and in page number order. You can insert page numbers or request an addition according to your specifications.
  • proofing
    After making changes in prepress, you should double-check your designs. DM-Printhouse provides you with PDF proofs for each project for approval. PDF proofs may vary in color from monitor to monitor unless color calibration is performed. Hard copy proofs increase color accuracy. They are available on request and will be delivered for approval by your DM-Printhouse sales representative in Stuttgart. If color needs to be absolutely accurate, we recommend arranging a Press Check to verify color and print quality at the start of production.
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