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Super! Ich habe nach 20 Jahren (!) Arbeit meine Doktorarbeit drucken lassen und bin begeistert! Sehr freundlich, sehr kompetent, sehr gut zu erreichen, tolle Reaktionszeit.

Joachim L.

Our story 🔮

In 2009 Christos Skendras founded the company DM-Printhouse in Stuttgart. As a visionary entrepreneur, Christos Skendras set out to run the company with modern technologies and the aim of offering high-quality and fast services. The first few years were difficult, but through Skendras' dedication and diligence, he was able to gain the trust of customers and slowly expand the business.


In 2011 DM-Printhouse worked on a big project for the first time and this was a great success for the company. This project served as a reference for the quality and fast delivery time of their services and brought them even more clients.


In 2013, Christos Skendras and the team at DM-Printhouse decided to offer graphic design and publishing services, which helped them to further expand the business. In the same year DM-Printhouse worked on an international project for the first time and it was a big step for the company.


In 2015, DM-Printhouse opened a new and larger office, which was a big improvement for the company. This enabled them to serve more customers and undertake larger projects. Since 2015, DM-Printhouse has also offered online services via the website.


Today, after 15 years, DM-Printhouse is a leader in digital printing technology and continues to use modern technologies to provide quality services. Christos Skendras and the team at DM-Printhouse continue to work hard to ensure DM-Printhouse remains successful in the future.


Nicht unerwähnt sollten die Tausende von Studenten bleiben, die uns seit fast zwei Jahrzehnten Ihre Abschlussarbeiten anvertrauen. Danke!

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